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Post by Admin on Sun 10 Mar 2013, 9:34 pm

Since no one els doing it, i'll start the ball rolling 1st.

I'm Steph, 23 at the monent. Which working under a freelance fashion modeling company which the real kopio is my boss!!! 1st time into the game was at 8 of feb till now and after since, I NEVER SLEEP MUCH!!!

I love this game and i Glad that i'm into Reborn now... I'm still new to this game and there's still a lot of stuff that i need to learn... But i'll pick it up soon to join in the front battle...

The timing for battles is kinda super sucks for me, it starts at 1am and end 1pm which is killing me from sleeping enough..
i've 2 pretty sister that 1 of them is scolding me every night for rather battle then sleep... Laughing

Currently living in China but i move around from time to time... So, Maybe i might have the chance to meet anyone that is in the guild... SO, START INTRO YOURSELF SO I WILL KNOW!!!


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Re: Personal Data

Post by Epic_G on Tue 09 Apr 2013, 11:27 am

Hi!, my Name is Gonzalo, 32...

Playing this and liking it!...

You can hit me here and on facebook as Bloodlust.mxl !!!

I hope this game to grow!... See ya!...


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